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Dedicated to producing educational reference books that have a Divine and Designed view for a fulfilled life through our Creator’s enormous, caring works for each of us.

Our textbooks and summary editions show God’s significant involvement in the governments of the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, thus giving our students the right to be taught, “Why God Is So Highly Recognized By Their Government.”

In addition, the books introduce the new God-based life science of “Atomic Biology” which shows details of the enormous, super-intelligent, and careful physical works essential in building, sustaining, and maintaining living cells and entities, including us.  This is brilliant work that Darwin’s “evolution” is simply incapable of performing, as, by definition, it has no intelligence to use.

As we have continued the research and development of this new God-based life science over three decades, we have discovered more and more verifiable evidence giving our Creator, the God of our nations, 100% of the credit both for the origin and the cause of Life. This includes the construction, sustenance, maintenance, and repair of all living cells and entities.

Even evolutionists have helped to prove that mankind has nowhere near enough intelligence to build living cells and entities from scratch (elements). Evolution has no intelligence to use.

Over time we have produced dozens of books but superseded those that did not have the latest research results. Now we have sufficient verifiable evidence to prove that Super-Intelligence, far beyond mankind’s level, is essential for designing, building, sustaining, and maintaining all living cells and entities. There is only one such super-intelligent entity known to mankind and that is our Creator, the God of our nations. Please pardon the repetition, but ad-men say that people have to be told about something new around seven times before it sinks in that it is useful for them.

We now have to work with various Christian school associations, homeschool associations, seminaries, churches, and other interested educational groups including states and provinces that believe their students would benefit from this information. Customized editions will have to be written for each group and grade.

There is a Christian tragedy happening in our public colleges and universities. Atheistic profs and peers doing “Christian Bashing,” are persuading about 75% of students who entered with their Christian belief intact, to drop it before graduation.

Darwin's Replacement 2nd Edition

Darwin’s Replacement Summary Edition

A pocket-sized summary version of the “How We Are Amazingly Made” 2nd Edition.

Darwin’s Replacement – Summary Introduction

A summary introduction to Darwin’s Replacement

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